Bouncing/Shaking Camera

Hi guys.

Had this problem for a while now. I’m using the phyics demo from the documentation, with a custom scene. This includes the use of collision shapes, and bulletapp. I am experiencing some camera shaking/bouncing when stationary and moving? it is highly annoying. I have tried modifying gravity, changing fall/jump speed, angular factor, damping, with no luck. Any ideas?

Regards, Alex

I think the problem is something to do with the bullet app trying to compensate for gravity. Is it possible to set up a scene with collision and gravity that doesn’t use a bullet app?

Seeing as I got no help, spent many hours trying to fix this. Have a solution, but it’s a bit of a hack. The problem is of course gravity, and to prevent the user from flying round the map, you simply get the physics vector in every simple update. If the ‘y’ value of the vector, aka, the height, is greater than a threshold, ie. off the ground, set gravity to a relatively high value. Otherwise just leave gravity as 0. here;s the code:

[java]if (vti.getInt(player.getPhysicsLocation())[1] > 4.5)
} else {

vti is my class for converting a vector to a int[], where int[0] is x, int[1] is y, and so forth. 4.5 is my threshold value for leaving the ground.