Bounding + Ortho

Hi all,

I was using Ortho via RenderQueue and everything was going smoothly. Until I came to do collisions. I haven’t set any modelBounds at this stage.

When I came to setting them, the aliens/player were no longer visible (culled perhaps?)

Does that mean we can’t do collision detection on ortho mode?


You’re using ortho mode with 3d models? Seems like you’d want to use 2d bounds in ortho mode maybe?

yeah, its a simple quad with a picture :slight_smile:


Hmm, try forcing them to be visible by setting them and their parent nodes to forceView = true. Then once they are visible again, see if the collision system is working for you with the 3d bounds. You may need 2d bounds and that will open a new can o’ worms.

ive gone past the problem by adding everything onto a BillboardNode. I dont wish to open any worm cans (maybe cockroaches will come out! 8-O) at the moment cause I know the amount of pressure you people are under at the moment.

Or do you want me to do this anyway so we can see if it works or not?


If it’s easy, try the force view and 3d boundings in ortho mode. Would be educational at the very least.