Anyone can help me!!!

Sory i newbie using Jmonkey game .

i will make a game. I want set background with image. The image has to part e.g street and grass and player is human with some weapon.

  • How do we can know where street part and grass part so we can can manage the movement of player with some rule?

  • How do make movement effect from image??

Thank a lot for answering. :D

Hi. Since I had some difficulties understanding the question, i am sorry if I give wrong answers, but here you go:

  1. How to set background with an image? Well one easy way is to do it with a skybox. Look into the jME source code and this class: jmetest.renderer.TestSkybox

  2. How do we know which street/grass part … (did we click?) so that we can manage movement? Well you can do this in a variety of ways. I advise you read through these threads:

    Mouse: Click to move

    Developing Game with JME - Mouse Picking issues

    You may also want to check out jmetest.intersection.TestPick as it shows both picking and how to check for target being hit by weapon.

  3. How to make movement from image? Well usually in the 3d world most movement is done by models of sorts. You load model, move it, and the user sees the animation. If you really need to animate an image, then there are a few options, none very good as far as I know. You should probably check out this thread: JFjr - the JMF/FOBS/jME video renderer

    Basically I just suggest start out with something small, some simple tests… and go from there.

    Good luck

To me it sounds like you may need a 2d engine, jocko. If that's the case, you should look for another engine, making jME handle 2d as you want it will require a lot more work and learning than if you'd do it with java's builtin 2d and sound capabilities!