BoundingBox/Ray collideWith Terrain

I am working on some collision detection (without bullet) and am using rootNode.collideWith( BoundingBox ) in the broad phase to get all the geometries of interest.

It works fine with meshes but I never get any terrainpath results. When using rootNode.collideWith( Ray ) I also get the terrain patches.

I found some pretty old solutions where they used CollisionShapeFactory.createMeshShape to create a “fake mesh” for the terrain, but as the Ray results are just fine
I am not so sure if this is still the best way to do it.

So to my questions;) Should the collision between BoundingBoxes and the terrain basically work (and maybe the problem is only in my code/scene) or is it currently
not supported?

I did a little bit of debugging and found the “error”. Actually the colideWith( BoundingBox ) did return some TerrainPatch hits, but because there
was no geometry reference attached to the CollisionResult I fitered it out (because there was no way to know that these hits came from the terrainpatch)…

But in my opinion a collision result without any reference, points, normals is totally useless. Or am I missing something?

Anyway I did a small patch to the TerrainPatch class so that the result at least includes a geometry (the terrain patch). I think this would
be better done in the BoundingBox class, but this would mean changing an interface and i didn’t want to be that inversive.

Should I commit this, make it better, provide a patch?
@Normen: Maybe you can help?