Boundingboxes & capsules trouble

i've run into 2 problems.

a) the bounding box generated by jme is too big, no matter if i use an oriented one or not. (see screenshot). a boundingcapsule is fine.

b) i use a simple lowest point of bounding volume < terrain height check to determine if an object can fly or is stuck in the ground (the axe). this works with everything except a boundingcapsule as there is no way to get the y-extent or its lowest point. basically, i want the bounding box around the bounding capsule^^. any way to get that?

and another one: the collision check capsule <-> box does not seem to work…i can shoot right through the evil guy (the one not on the screen throwing the axes)

give us a direct link to the picture – I can't see it.

you can cleary see that

a) the blue spike's box is much to big. i used this model:

b) the box around the flying blue health vial from jheretic is fine. i had no problems with other md2 models or 3ds trees.

I believe that's a limitation of the engine, maybe even openGL. Don't know that for sure.

it has nothing to do with opengl, the bounding volume is a jme thing. the question is: why does it work with every other model? what's so special about the icesickle?

maybe it's a good thing to note that 3ds max (used on opengl) also has some problems with determining the bounding volumes.

I still can't see the picture cause i'm not gonna create an account…

but i can imagine that you might have an unconnected vertex (=invisible!) in your model which makes jme create the bounding-box larger than all visible faces. check in your model-creation-tool.

just my 2 cents…

you don't need to register anywhere to see the image. just click on it.