Boxes does not fall on earth

Hello everyone,
I am new in JME, so I need a help.

Here’s a small small project. ForklifterProj

Small Forklift which moves the box and lifts the box.
The boxes and Forklift were developed in Blender.
The ground was developed in Terrain Editor.
The wheels in VechicleEditor.

ALL WORKS, but there are a problem. My boxes does not fall. Forklift can lifts the box, but
after the evasion of the aerial platform boxes does not fall or falls with the delay.
Probably anyone can watch my trivial Project and advise something.
Maybe to write a few lines of code!? :wink:

num1 - forward, num2 - back, num1 - left, num3 - right, num4 - up, num6 - down.

Could be the box gets deactivated, try enabling the physics debug display to see more.

I have followed your advice from. I’ve done some screenshot.

The truck has a mesh collision shape and you move it - that won’t work, mesh collision shapes may not be moved.