Brain Computer Interface (BCI); Gaming; JME

-Out of curiosity, is anyone familiar with the emergent field of Brain Computer Interface (BCI)? While this might seem like sci-fi, it is definitely not. This technology entails using brain waves to control UI objects.

-One example of a commercial developer/researcher BCI device can be seen here:

-I wrote an article in grad school on this subject, you can view it here, if you are interested:

-It would be interesting to integrate JME with a device like Emotiv Epoc. This particular product uses a C# wrapper though. It may be possible to make the engine work in some round-about way. Would be ideal if they supported Java though :slight_smile:

Basically you just derive simple data from it that should in most cases be HID compatible, so I guess when the first controllers are out we should be compatible. The learning interface would be the most interesting thing from our side so that one can put learning triggers into a game (e.g. the visuals that you are supposed to imagine).

Worst case scenario is that if it isn’t HID compliant and you just send the data from a small C# server application over TCP/IP to the process running the Java game.

Someone I know did a small project with one of these devices and Max/MSP… He said you needed to be totally relaxed and in the right mindset to be able to really control the thing or else it he output caused too much jitter to really be useful. IIRC he was trying to call up scenes based on the activity when they were first shown.

Update: a developer (Andre Hoffmann) has recently programmed a Java wrapper for Epoc. This wasn’t available the last time I checked the site. There are code samples included . Support for Java is still limited.

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Of course, coming up with the $300 to get your hands on one of these is a slightly different situation :wink:

Well, $500 for developer SDK

@keith said:
Well, $500 for developer SDK

I didn't read that far ><

I used one as a test subject at the last cebit. Worked kinda good, but needed much amounts of concentration to aktuelly get it to do what I want.

I got an idea for a very interactive 3 player medieval fighting game. It have a warrior, a bowman/elf and a magician basicly.

Would it not be AWESOME, if the magician used this sort of device to cast spells?!

Like, it has to imagen a certain object to be able to create the spell, then click to cast.

So to cast a fireball, the player would first have to activate certain parts of their brains and when he has done that, the players character would create a fireball. Then he can keep it and then click when he wish to throw it!

It would be real fun to be magician then :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it be possible to build such headdevice on your own?