Brand New Music & Competition With Two Great Prizes

Soughtafter Sounds has a new look, and to celebrate this in addition to the usual newly added tracks we are running a competition with two great prizes.

1ST PRIZE - Custom music score for your development with 6 months exclusivity.

2ND PRIZE - A brand new sound pack featuring 30 high quality medleys, effects & sounds with 6 months exclusivity.

The competition will run for 1 month and the two lucky winners will be drawn at midnight on 23rd June 2012.

All you have to do in order to take part is simply sign up to and/or subscribe via Youtube.

If you choose to sign up both of these ways you will increase your chances of winning.

Good luck!

Terms of competition can be found here

There have also been 5 new additions to the general Soughtafter Sounds music library.



Residing Terror

Computer Fields

Sinister Bells

Soughtafter Sounds

Professional Audio Architecture

I’m sorry but… what IS this competition? Music-making?! If so, why is it here in a game-programming forums (in the Free Announcement forum to boot) except for the prizes?

I… I’m not getting it. At all.

I guess competition is the wrong word. It seems like a lottery to me. You put your name in via subscribing and can be drawn out of the pool.

PS: @Thread Opener: I considered once to use you sounds but sounds are still far ahead for me and I would need to read your terms of conditions again. Your business model seemed fair to me if I remember it right.

Yeah, it’s like a lottery or a raffle… not a competition.

Sincere apologies if this has been posted in the wrong area. Free announcements seemed the most fitting.

The competition/raffle is designed to increase exposure through the site and through our Youtube channel, and in return are offering someone the chance to have custom music designed for their development with a second (runner up) receiving a sound pack comprising of 30 sounds. Each of these prizes will be accompanied with six months exclusivity to the developer.

The terms & conditions are there to make sure that everything is clear and transparent, as well as conform to UK law with regard to any competition or raffle despite there being no charge to enter.

The “Brand new music” is with respect to the new tracks that are now available on the site, and was decided to be included in this post to reduce the multiple posting.

Kind Regards

Soughtafter Sounds

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