Bring back nightly builds?

So, way back in the day, there were nightly builds for maven/gradle pushed to (perhaps it was bintray, I cannot remember anymore, or was it JCenter?).

I was wondering if it would be possible to setup nightly builds again? It was very helpful for people working off of the master branch, or testing out new features.

Any thoughts?

Something builds everything all the time… no more nightlies but not really needed either.

I think these are available on bintray but I forget the magic incantation since I always just build from source.

Hopefully someone smarter than me will comment.

No, Only releases end up there. Most recent is 3.2.2 Stable.

travis-ci builds and runs tests on each PR, but it only deploys if someone tags a release. Otherwise, it just discards its work.

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Mmm… it was jitpack that I was thinking of.

…I don’t know if it really works for JME, though.


I will try tomorrow to see if it has snaphots. Got to get some sleep now :wink:

Yes, jitpack works for jme apart from jme3-jbullet and maybe jme3-testdata.

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