BruynHuis cross platform framework (AKA: Galago)

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today I bring you the very first preview of the game framework I am using to create my games.
I call it Galago. Galago was made by me Nicolaas de Bruyn and it was made for the sole purpose of simplifying my game development process and at the same time speed it up.

The features in this framework is really easy and simple features but it adds the ability for speedy development.
Features include:

  1. Very basic UI framework
  2. Application flow controls named “Screens”.
  3. Combined TouchPickListener
  4. 2D and 3D game types
  5. 2D and 3D physics
  6. Different abstract game types, such as Basic game, Tilemap game, Physics game, endless game, etc.
  7. Build in android sensor support
  8. Abstract Android class handling Admob, etc. for you.
  9. Midi sound support on desktop and android.
  10. Some extra things such as a tween engine for UI components and effect manager…

Today I wish to showcase a quick test of the 2D physics, enjoy the video:


Looks nice, looking forward to check it out :slight_smile: