BSD license, prohibition clarification

the BSD license, 3 clause, phohibits usage of the name of the project (JMonkeyEngine, Lemur) and its contributors to promote a derived project w/o permission.

promotion in which way: github’s, which content can be searched thru google? or a youtube promo video?

in my case, I am creating a project that depends on JME and Lemur.
It requires both to work, is a technical reason.

I think I did even worse, I used the letters “…JME” on the project short name’s ending (that composes its URL).

I could just put the libraries or their reference on the project and do not speak about their names at, no problem at all.
I can even change the project’s short name, no problem either.

but is that necessary (concerning github or other opensource host)?
or suffice just not publish ex. a youtube video relating my project to them directly? (despite would have to reference them on the technical info about it)

better ask sooner than cry later :slight_smile:

There’s a difference between crediting a project (i.e., “This project uses jME3”) and using the project to promote your own (“jME developers think my project is awesome!”). The former is a common courtesy and sometimes a requirement to use a library, the latter is both unethical (unless the authors have given an explicit endorsement and permission to publicize it) and forbidden by most licenses (including jME’s).


thx, just to shame myself a bit, here is the answer at my old thread
How to use the JME SDK Tests code on commercial project? - #4 by pspeed
yes, I tend to remember things later than sooner :confounded:

Heh, no worries - I’ve asked plenty of questions I felt silly about later too. Besides, license questions can be tricky, and the stakes are high if something isn’t right. :slight_smile:

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However if your game is really awesome, they might think that :stuck_out_tongue:
Some games are also promoted on the engines’ readme file.
It’s just to prevent misuse and doing that without permission