Bug in AnimationTrack and time seeking variable

I’ve been having issues with the time variable in cinematics for a while and I really think there’s some major bugs in it. I switched to AnimationTrack and to the stable version and as @nehon directed I stopped using PositionTrack and RotationTrack that are deprecated as time var seems not to be working well with them, but still it doesn’t work well with animationTrack.

attached is a testCase: ftp://ftp.theforeigners.org/wwwroot/jme3/

all you have to do is:

1- run Jme3Cinenamtics and select the only trace file ignore the jump window

2- press enter to play and at some point press J for jump and jump to time 9 (put 9 in the panel)

3- then resume works well? wel then try jumping again to anytime at this point. It keeps going no matter what time you put.

PS: I enabled flycam so get in a position with the cam where u can see the cuboids clearly.

please let me know how to proceed.