Bug in BoundingSphere.clone ->TestWidgetViewportApp failu

BoundingSphere.clone doesn’t create a valid center vector.

Here’s the patch. (Is this the right way/place to be submitting patches?)

Index: BoundingSphere.java
RCS file: /cvs/jme/src/com/jme/bounding/BoundingSphere.java,v
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -u -r1.4 BoundingSphere.java
--- BoundingSphere.java   13 Apr 2004 01:30:31 -0000   1.4
+++ BoundingSphere.java   15 Apr 2004 02:24:52 -0000
@@ -375,6 +375,7 @@
     public Object clone(BoundingVolume store) {
         if (store != null && store instanceof BoundingSphere) {
             BoundingSphere rVal = (BoundingSphere) store;
+            if (null == rVal.center)  rVal.center = new Vector3f();
             rVal.center.x = center.x;
             rVal.center.y = center.y;
             rVal.center.z = center.z;

Fixed and committed. That’s a perfect way to submit patches (as long as they are small). Thanks.

What about bigger patches? :slight_smile:

I only had a few hours to take a look at jME tonight, but I like what I see, and I’m probably going to be spending more time with jME in the future.


jme.dev.java.net has an Issue tracker. As well as a section for proposed patches. Perhaps we should start making better use of the tool. I keep intending to use it.

Ok. I missed that. I’m not used to looking at the left-side menu after all my time on sourceforge.


Well, I tried logging into dev.java.net as I couldn’t see a section for proposed patches.

However, I get this error:



Your account does not have the “Start Page - View” permission needed for you to access the page you requested in the dev.java.net domain (view your permissions). Either ask the site administrator for more permission, or log in using a different account.

You are currently logged in as mkienenb.


The problem is that my account has NO permission to do anything.

Which means I can’t use the “get help?” or “feedback” or “forum” or any other communication link that would put me in touch with the mythical “site administrator.” Catch-22.

Could someone with a working account provide me with a dev.java.net contact email or post my problem to wherever such problems can be handled by dev.java.net site administrators?

My account is “mkienenb” and my email address is “mkienenb@alaska.net



You have to request Observer status.

No, I’m not just getting an error for the jME project.

I’m getting this error for the entire dev.java.net site.

I have far more privileges as a non-authenticated guest.

I can’t even read the help pages when logged in as mkienenb.

However, if there’s some kind of “Observer” status I need for jME, please add to me to it. :slight_smile:



hmmm not sure why you aren’t getting basic permissions.

You have to request the Observer status from me. Think it’s in a “join the team” link or something. Can someone who remembers help? I never had to do it, heh.

Oh wait, I found a way to add you.

ok, added. Hopefully, that helps.

Amusingly, that did help a little, but not a lot.

I now have more access to the jME project (I can now open issues), but still can’t do anything else on the dev.java.net site :slight_smile:

That’s ok. Using the jME issue tracker is all that’s really important in the immediate future.

As long as I remember to use http://jme.dev.java.net/ to directly access the project, I’m set :slight_smile:

Thanks again,


In case anyone else gets hit with this problem, I finally figured out that I could logout, revert back to guest status, and then at least get to the feedback web page.

It appears that the problem could be reported via

Request a task, such as unlocking CVS repository, additional project tools


but of course, this works neither from guest nor from my permission-poor account :slight_smile:

However, I was able to harvest two email addresses from the page



and hopefully, now that I’ve forwarded my astounding problem to them both, I will eventually get a satisfactory solution to the problem. :slight_smile: