Bug in com.jme3.input.android.AndroidInput

On Android the inputManager.getCursorPosition() always returns mirrored coordinates for the click position so i changed the
public boolean onTouch(View view, MotionEvent event) method of the com.jme3.input.android.AndroidInput class. Everytime there was

[java]event.getX§, view.getHeight() - event.getY§[/java]

and i changed it to

[java]view.getWidth() - event.getX§, event.getY§[/java]

I tested it on both a smartphone and a tablet and in landscape and portait mode and now the inputManager.getCursorPosition() behaves the same way as on the pc.

This has been fixed in svn already afaik. Updating to nightly is not recommended for projects in progress though as theres some severe changes going on / coming. If you don’t have critical projects and/or want to test nightly, theres information in the manual on how to set up a “safe” SDK for trying out nightly (press F1 in SDK).

Hm strange I am using the svn code and have the latest revision (com.jme3.input.android.AndroidInput is rev 10061 http://jmonkeyengine.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/engine/src/android/com/jme3/input/android/AndroidInput.java ) and that is still the old code. I’m using the http://jmonkeyengine.googlecode.com/svn/trunk repository, is there another one for the android code or what am I doing wrong?

I posted something about this too (latest post):