Bug in creating new file

When I create a new file in the root assets folder, the sdk opens the libraries>assets>default package folder in the project view. When creating a new file in one of the subfolders of the assets folder, this does not happen, the expected action happens, which is the project view staying where it is. Here are some pictures:

I am using the new jmonkey 3.1 sdk.

Mhh taht’s a known issue, but for me it also happen when creating an asset in a sub folder of the asset folder.

Is it a netbeans issue or jmonkey issue? Is there a bug report for it?

Well… it’s an issue that appeared when we switched the SDK to NB8. But it seems to be related to how the Asset folder is handled in a JME project.
Maybe @normen can tell you more.
We don’t have an open issue, we just very well know that the problem is here :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not sure there is an easy fox though.
If you want you can file an issue on github

I asked on the NB forums but didn’t get an answer, no idea how one could even start to do something about this, the order of the nodes is correct… Maybe one could try and mess with the Libraries node somehow, like remove and reattach it or something.