Bug in deleteFrameBuffer

If I use a framebuffer with


instead of
final Texture2D offDepthTex = new Texture2D(xsize, ysize, Format.Depth16); offDepthTex.setMinFilter(Texture.MinFilter.BilinearNoMipMaps); offDepthTex.setMagFilter(Texture.MagFilter.Nearest); this.offBuffer.setDepthTexture(offDepthTex);

Everything works fine at first, however when I destroy/delete the framebuffer everything works still fine. Next creation of a framebuffer after this leads to a crash with invalid enumeration error. When I use the long way with a texture instead of a renderbuffer everything works as expected.
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What causes the invalid enum in the renderer?

What happens if you use Depth16 in the first example?

The exception comes from somewhere in the renderloop, at the point where it tries to activate the framebuffer for the current viewport (previeweport in my case)