Bug in OdePhysicsSpace?

the OdePhysicsSpace seemed it doesn't cound the Time up. I tried to get it over the PendingContact.

in Line 555 of OdePhysicsSpace in the update method stand

timeSinceStartOfUpdate = 0;

killed it, and init it with 0. Seems to work fine.

The "timeSinceStartOfUpdate" is correctly counted, as far as I can see. It's not the time since beginning of the simulation!

oh, ok.  XD

Is There another way to get the TimeStep of the Physic from Outside the Space?

What is "the time", actually? The physics space does not keep track of an absolute time.

Yes, absoluteTime.  :expressionless:

Ok, thanks

You should keep track of the time in your application. If you have different "physics time" than "scenegraph time" (which usually is the case - at least slightly different) and don't want to get the physics time from the code that invokes the update method, you can subscribe an update listener (addToUpdateCallbacks) which counts the time.

I builded a daughter Object of the odephysicsspace, overrided the updateMethod. it works,

But over the Pendingcontact sound really more clever. :mrgreen:

thanks, that helped a lot