Bug in Ogre Scene/Mesh importer

I have been trying to import mesh and scene files from various Max-Ogre exporters, and while the export goes smoothly every time, when I tell JME to open the .scene or convert it… it gives me an error

Latest exporter I tried was the OgreMax and the error I got from JME on import was “Unrecognized version number in dotScene file: 1.0”
I’ve been getting these version errors with other exporters also …and it’s always 1.0

Is there a bug in the Ogre importers?

Are you sure you use the orgre xml format not the binary one?

The importer works usually and many of us use it.

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I used the export tutorial to export a scene in xml format.

I did notice that while the scene is in xml, the actual .mesh file is still binary. Are the meshes supposed to be xml also? is there a setting for that?

I got it to work!

For some reason the options in the plugin did not save.

Also I’d like to point out that in the plugin (Object) settings you need to turn on Remove Duplicate Vertices, otherwise you wont be able to generate LODs in the SDK. That might need to be added to the tutorial. :slight_smile: