Bug in simpleGame?

The class SimpleGame uses the font “jmetest/data/font/font.png”, but that file isn’t included in the default downloadable jme.jar file. Because the font is loaded from SimpleGame’s classloader, it has to be inside SimpleGame’s .jar (???) to load. I fixed this by simply adding font.png to jme.jar at the correct path, but it seems to me that the font should be there by default because it’s used by one of the .jar’s classes.

it’s in jmetest-data.jar.

I’m sure I’m being blind but I don’t see jmetest-data.jar as a directly downloadable file on either




I got the font from the CVS download, but couldn’t find jmetest-data.jar


contains a zip file, that has both the jmetest.jar and jmetest-data.jar.

Ah I see. I guess it threw me for a loop that the classes inside jME.jar would require jmetest-data.jar to run correctly. It seemed more intuitive to think that jME.jar would work on it’s own with LWJGL and that only jmetest.jar would require jmetest-data.jar.

Actually, I agree with that completely. I’ll see what I can do to remove the need for the font file.

Just put the font file inside jme.jar

SimpleGame is such a great tool for begining jME’ers and that ‘poly/fps’ counter at the bottom is really great for understanding the whole fustrum culling thing.

Actually, I’m thinking more about using the widget text rather than bitmap text for simple game. As it’s part of the jme.jar already.

As a quick fix to the dependencies, a defaultfont.tga is now in com/jme/app and referenced by SimpleGame. We can go widget text later if desired.