Bug in WaterSurface?

I can’t see more than a thick textured line on TestWaterSurface, must the test be updated, or is it a bug of WaterSurface implementation ? (may be just a problem of angle of view).

Furthermore, I have a relatively low FPS (30) and a lot of vertices for what I see (> 23000 vertices)

Hardware and OS are : Windows Me, 800 MHz (29 may CVS update)

Water surface is just something thrown together and not to be used really. (see Javadoc at top of WaterSurface.java)

That said, the camera angle starts off facing the edge of the water. You should fly up higher and look down at an angle. The low fps is due to the number of calcs being done, etc. Hit Q to simulate a drop of water hitting it. Again, it may go nuts on your machine, or just not work. It’s not meant to yet. :slight_smile:

OK, thanks for the information. I should have a closer look to the documentation :wink: