Bug when animating 3ds

The animations of a 3ds keyframed model is not working properly if the animation track uses anything else but the default key controller splines (the bezier?). Linear (which is very useful) is simply not working. I have deduced that if one creates an animation using linear splines as controllers, the number of keyframes exported is less than the numbers exported using the bezier.

It seems that 3dsmax exports only the minimum number of samples that is required to fully describe the movement. This however, causes some problems in jME. The animation appear to stutter and only moving slightly before returning to the starting position.

Since the ability to use other key controllers than bezier is quite crucial, I hope we can find the solution to this problem quickly.

(Sorry if this has been reported, but my search didn't turn anything up.)

After some more research I have concluded that the error is in the max->3ds exporter and not jME. I wonder who I can contact at Autodesk to resove this issue?  :?

DDowell said:

I wonder who I can contact at Autodesk to resove this issue?  :?

good look !

3ds is pretty well.......um............... dead from a development standpoint from autodesk's view anyway, what exactly are you animating if its a character there is milkshape support natively, there is an xml exporter for blender and third party cal3d, md5 loaders.

I know it is dead. The thing I am trying to animate is a simple keyframed object not suitable for bones. And 3dsmax is the only 3d program I have enough experience with.

that why I asked what are you animating

try this if its not to much trouble

download the latest blender which version of max do you use I jumped from 4 to 7 so I am uncertain as to when it got .obj support but export to that or dfx(doesn’t support UVs)

import and animate there and export using this(place script folder before launching blender). there are tuts on the support site

I can send you a blend file with my prefered animation window setup, an example and some tips on making blender feel a bit more like max if you like.

max native support?

I'm unsure…

But anyway, there allways were obj plugins here :


so…splines arent getting as curves but as baked keyframes…

You could also force the track curve editor at max to only use linear, just converting those curves to straight, with the icon button at that window in max.Try that, and export, maybe it works as u want…