Bug with the "auto-recreate j3o" feature

Hello, i am just here to report a small bug. When i convert a .blend file into a .j3o file, the sdk keep a “link” between these 2 file (why not ? it’s a nice idea :slight_smile: ), and when i modify the .blend file, a pop-up appears and give me the possibility to “reload” the file (i don’t remember the message exactly, i can find it if you want, and i can even give screenshots, but i think that you know what i mean).

But, if i chose “yes”, the resulting file contains both the old and the new version (causing z-fighting etc.). This bug is really in the file (i.e. not only in the scene composer) as i have it ingame.

The “solution” is use : i delete the j3o file (and the .blend1 … blender, why you hate me so much ? Why everytime you can piss me off you take so much pleasure doing it ?) and re-generate it.

I don’t know if it’s normal, and if it’s the case, it may be a good idea to add a button “delete the old file and re-generate it completly”.

It’s not a critical bug at all, it’s just a bit annoying.