Bugged Physics Video

First book that walks you step-by-step implementing a “working” physics engine in C++:

Game Physics Engine Development - Ian Millington (Second edition)

I had the most fun translating the C++ to Java and then trying to hunt down those little typos that made everything blow up in weird ways. Also, while the author does give a good overview of different approaches, I’m not sure his implemented one is the best.

As an example: the first part of the book builds a “mass aggregate” engine. Essentially just points of mass without rotation and then you chain them together with springs and rods to make larger shapes. The thing is, it turns out I have a lot of experience building things like that from when I’ve built graph layout code. I was able to redo the collision resolver making it faster and more visually appealing. Though to be fair, he’s trying to lay foundations for the rest of the book and my technique in the mass aggregate system doesn’t really apply to rigid bodies… at least not the way he does them.

Still, I haven’t seen a book that holds your hand quite as much as that one… though there is still one other book I mean to buy and start reading.

The second book that I’m still reading:

Physics for Game Developers - David M. Bourg (First edition) This is an O’Reilly book I bought 10 years ago and originally couldn’t make it past the first few chapters. :slight_smile: After implementing my own engine it makes more sense now. It assumes you know a lot more math than the first book… and myself 10 years ago was not as patient anyway.

As I started exploring the role that physics would play in Mythruna, it became clear that to do it right, I had to really understand it and be able to twist it to my needs. This was the one area of my game where I had only basic experience and I’d have had to scale my plans way way back without it… and still might depending on what I get working.

Thanks for the answers, you are a hero man and inspiration!