BUI and BGeomView

In BUI there is a class called BGeomView that lets you render a spatial inside the user interface. The problem with that class is that everything drawn after it, be it the FPS counter or another windows, will be drawn inside the frame as well. In the sources for this class there was one line saying "cam.update()", and it was commented out. By putting that line back in, the component worked perfectly. My question is then: Is there a reason why that line was commented out?

Which version of the source are you working from?  the SVN trunk tip, v1.0 or 1.1?  I don't think it matters between them, but curious none-the-less.  I don't know why it was commented out.  Sfera had made a huge bug fix to the code that rendered it.  Then he worked on fixing the test.  If it works with it uncommented, then I'll look at the test right now and uncomment it and test it again.

I've checked in a lot of changes and need to finish with the trunk tests, so I'll add this to the next release.


I am using the 1.0 branch. I also checked the trunk, and it has the same code commented out. I noticed with the comment in, the test also showed the fps-counter inside the blue rectangle, something you could checked before doing the next release.

I'll check that as well.  I'm going to go through email to see if I can jog my memory what the change was done for.  This may be a case where the code was right the test was wrong (as it's looking right now) and therefore the original test (from the original BUI), as I remember, was broken.

that's strange.  Locally I already had uncommented that line.  I wonder if this was the fix Sfera had sent.  I haven't found my emails yet… in any case, I've still got to look at the test, but I'll get this change in as well.  I also added most of the rest of the javadocs for the portions that are there.


Ok, I've checked in the changes to BGeomView to the trunk tip.  The fps is on the outer view of that now and the cam update is uncommented.