BUI extensions

Here are some screenshots from the latest work I’ve done with BUI.

I’ve added quite a few components to the library (that eventually I’ll have to ask to get them put in, for now they’re my local copy of bui).

I added Message boxes, dialog boxes, and input boxes as headless apps.

Since I just rewrote my code, I don’t have any screenshots of the tiled windows yet, but I do have tiled windows and collapsable message windows.

There’s a little work to do with styles, etc… I mean look at them!  They’re hideous!  And huge… I haven’t worked on sizing and after just looking at the screenshots the input boxes need to have a ? mark and not the info image.

A little work to do yet.

I don’t usually have WIPs to post b/c I’m always working on things that seem to never have an end in sight.  This time, I’m working on one of those, but I needed some gui to go with my project.



Not bad! :slight_smile:

thx renanse!

Ok, I fixed my last changes with tiled and collapsable windows.

The message portion is setup to take any BComponent.  A little more work to go, but these are still all headless.

I have another version that I did a custom layout for… same basic principle.

I'm really going to have to do an evaluation of BUI…it looks very clean.

darkfrog said:

I'm really going to have to do an evaluation of BUI...it looks very clean.

that's df speak for, "if timo can do it, I have to be able to do it" :P

It is very clean.  This work only took me a few hours (like 4).  There are some caveats to coding with BUI, but once you have those figured out (like extending a container you have to set a LayoutManager even though the BContainer never actually tells you that) then it's very quick and painless.

The original code I did to do these windows took me a few days and I had munged it up so much that I didn't like it at all... it worked, but I didn't like the implementation (I had been munging the core code with my custom code).  So I sat down and rewrote it all from scratch today in a few hours.

Remember, these are extensions... there is no DialogBox, MessageBox, InputBox nor OptionsBox in BUI.  ... And I just noticed that I didn't put screenshots of the OptionsBox.. dangit!

I did write these so they kind of "mimicked" the awt/swing equivalents... the titlebar buttons are configurable as well as the Yes no cancel ok buttons... the InputBox returns the value to the main "application" layer you're working on, etc. The style is mine, but was born out of haste.  I just chose different colors that happened to be "ok" together.

dangit DF! You got me monologuing!