BUI: First step - two problems

I downloaded the bui jar today and tried to do a HelloWorld example for BUI.

Just a jME HelloWorld with some BUI code to get a button on the screen.

problem 1 solved


problem 2:

protected void simpleInitGame() {

The version is the one you gave me 5 minutes ago :). The error is the same.

But thx for the answer!

If you haven't used Bui yet (thought you had), i don't wanna bother you any longer.

Is anyone in here who has already used it? :slight_smile:

as far as I can see in the current bui code (but your version seems to be quite older) the button has no _backgroud - whatever that means (I have not used bui yet).

Hi Paigan,

I got the same error whenever I call setBounds() on a BButton instance…

Son Of Cain

After irrisor's  tip, i inserted the line

"button.setBackground(new BlankBackground());"

thus changing the error to:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Components added to a BorderLayout must have proper constraints (eg. BorderLayout.NORTH).

at com.jmex.bui.layout.BorderLayout.addLayoutComponent(BorderLayout.java:90)

at com.jmex.bui.BContainer.add(BContainer.java:77)

at com.jmex.bui.BContainer.add(BContainer.java:67)

at HelloBUI.simpleInitGame(HelloBUI.java:81)

at com.jme.app.SimpleGame.initGame(SimpleGame.java:374)

at com.jme.app.BaseGame.start(BaseGame.java:65)

at HelloBUI.main(HelloBUI.java:59)

(now occurs one line later, at "guiWin.add(button);")

But again, i don't know what BUI wants from me…

I couldn't find where to set something like BorderLayout

Dunno… once again, dealing with GUI is rescheduled

It is just like swing, but not the same!

I have this error too, when I use no layout manager for the window (passing a null reference, as we do in swing). It looks like BUI requires a layout for your window, even if you intend to set their location "manually".

Son Of Cain