Bui Problem Numba 3

I got the layout test working, but at 4 FPS.

After I removed everything but the text box and text field, it was upto 16 fps. If I removed the text

box and field I got it up to 85 fps. Anyone? And no, my computer should handle it.

I get 400+ fps with terrain and alot of other stuff on it. But why is this so slow?

Am I doing something wrong? ( Using latest JME cvs version)

I get to 33 fps if I remove the top bar. Now, the more text I add, the slower it becaome until dropping to a gruesome 9-10 fps.

Now after I removed the side bar, I got 800-1000 fps. Then I started adding text, and half way through the text box, I was back down to 9-10 fps.

For me this seems like a conceptual problem with bui - bui uses glDrawPixels to the framebuffer to do the rendering, which must be done each frame… but maybe samskivert (who wrote bui) can elaborate on this…

glDrawPixels? Shouldn't it use something like quads?

It uses textures only for TextureIcon (which results in something similar to a quad, yes), but not for the other controls.

Funny thing also. I executed the layout test fully, and got 4 fps max. On his website, the same test is 329fps, thats what bothering me.

It is intresting to note that I have ati 9800XT, same as you. I also, was not able to fix the problem, and could not find a thread eating up the resources :frowning:

Is there a version of of BUI compiled for the current stable JME? I'd try it.

Good idea. Someone should make one for .9

Dansas said:

Good idea. Someone should make one for .9

maybe this can help you:

irrisor said:

I can offer you to use this one(jar was renamed to zip simply rename it to jar while saving) meanwhile...

Edit: works with the jME cvs version of today. Not with jME 0.9!

i never got BUI to work (always throwed some weird exception with layout and stuff) BUT if this is really that inefficent, it sounds pretty useless (so far), anyway :(

If BUI is that useless then I need to stop learning JME - an ingame GUI is integral to my game idea. That would suck.  :frowning:

I have heard of several people that have been using BUI and love it, so don't get too discouraged just yet.  Besides, NUI is also available and I believe eventually there will be an extension to jME that allows you to use Swing internally as well.

Besides, if you absolutely had to you could write your own GUI system.  It wouldn't be that difficult really for the basic features.


I recompiled it under jme .9, and it still is acting really slow. :frowning:


Anyone try profiling it yet to see what the slowdown is?

Exectution time profiling ( It took most of the CPU, so times might be a bit exagerrated since I got 1 fps on a basic text box using layout test, where I got a good 6 fps w/o profiling)

This is a first time I used TPTP or, a profiler at that, so I made an image o.0


I can also output 4 diff tests(Memory, Method, Execution Time,Method stats)  into the file type .trcxml, but dont know how to open it yet.