BUI sampples


I don't find BUI sammples, i want to learn it. Do you know where i can find?


The BUI source has a few examples in it (in the tests folder).

I also have quite a few examples in the tests folder (at http://gerbildrop.com/wiki/)

What samples are you looking for, maybe I can help point you in the right direction?



well, i want to learn how tu use panels containing buttons, scrollbars, and how to manage their events.

For the buttons i need to triger not only the cliked event, also the pressed and released.

I have a basic tutorial on that:


if you need more help after that just let me know


while I’m updating BUI threads for my replies… I’ll update this one too


I’ll put the wiki pages back up soon.

The pages you mentioned above deny me access.

only gerbildrop.com/… doesn't work. the google code page works

Thanks, you're right. I'm looking into doing a recode of our ui in BUI, so I was looking for where I could find it :wink: