BUI SkyBox Issues

I've been working with SkyBox just fine…until I added my BUI GUI.

Now whenever I move my camera around, the SkyBox is a bit jerky (seems like a delay starting+stopping the movement of the box to follow the camera).  The SkyBox is very jerky while moving, as well.  I don't see any significant change in FPS (still in the 200-300s), so does anyone know why this is happening?  I know for sure it is the GUI, as when I comment it out, everything's A-OK.

Thanks in advance.

Edit:  It seems like setting my SkyBox to be larger (100,100,100 rather than 10,10,10) makes it much less noticeable.  The issue is still there, but you can hardly tell.

***** However, after removing+adding the GUI a few times (commenting out my call to my little setupGUI method) I noticed that the camera was moving faster with the GUI than without…could the GUI update code be messing with the camera in places it shouldn't be?

I had this exact same problem, but I'm using FengGUI.  That post is around here somewhere…  hang on…

Ok, here it is: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=4373.msg34707#msg34707

If that doesn't help, I'll go rummage around in that code again and see if I remember anything else.

Thanks for the response!  I'll try that out.  Setting the size higher only made it less noticeable, but if I could get rid of it, that'd be nice.

I use allot of my own node types, including my sky sphere. I had this problem with the sky sphere and my HUD. This happened when i updated the translation of these before I processed input. Always a frame behind the input. So the updating of the co-ordinates of the HUD and the sky sphere gets processed at the end of any "game" logic and just before the render.