Build files

I’ve quickly updated the Ant build files (build.xml and buildtest.xml) to now both work correctly. The new work on the sound subsystem had broken them. I also fixed a minor dependency issue in build.xml.

Just a quick comment… in the future, I think that the two files should be merged, and all jmetest-related targets should be simply prefixed with test-. Comments?


Now that packages are split, feel free to improve the build files. They are pretty hacked/messy right now, so you can't really mess them up.

Right, I’ve updated the build files and merged both build.xml and build-test.xml into a single build file. All the previous test targets now have a -test postfix. I’ve done my best to clean the file up and add a bit of documentation. I’ve also removed some of the hardcoding of directories in favour of defining new properties.

I also updated the keystore used to sign the jME jars for webstart, as the previous certificate had expired.

I updated the Getting Started page to reflect this.

can we have the keystore signature info be a bit more generic?

Good, point. jMonkey Engine or jME would be better.

Sure. That’s the way it was before, so I simply recreated the old version. I’ll create a new version later this evening.