Build OBJ file (or any)

Hi. i need to open (view) one mesh that i building dimanicly in jmonkey. i use:

BinaryExporter.getInstance().save(scene, new File ( "test.jme") );  //scene is one Node with the 3d object that i need to save.

and this work fine, i have a file "test.jme" but, how can i do to view this file out of jmonkey, in other tool like 3dmax or maya or cinema4D or any. Any Plugin? jmonkey export in other format (obj or 3ds or max)?


I don't believe there are any .jme importers written for any modeling tools. Also, I don't think jme exports to any format other than its binary or the xml format. You usually go from the modeler to jME, not the other way around. You could always write an obj exporter though.

You can use MonkeyWorld3D plugin. You can easly find it on the jME forum or in jme news or directly on