Build Status Reports


I’m just going to throw this idea out there and see what people think. Generally the build (both jme and jmp) seem fairly stable nowadays, but it happens that things break down, which can be frustrating.

So, my idea was that each time there is a new nightly build, someone who’s downloaded it, and tested it can report the status back to this thread.


Green - all is well,

Yellow - working, but some issues (please list them),

Red - not working at all.

That way, people who’re looking to update can check the thread first and see whether it’s safe or not. Similarly can be done for jme, but with revision numbers instead. It’s better to keep long discussions out of the thread and create new threads for any issues, and save comments for dev’s.


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Nice Idea, i’m all for it

From the beta release one we plan to move tested changes faster to the stable build, so there should always be a “green” update possible from then on. Also the base platform will be updated less frequently (and only with release / release-fixes branches) which should avoid update problems within the platform.

What we could do though is managing the testing of the nightly build a bit better. Right now, if nobody posts about problems, its “green”, otherwise its “red” :wink: Maybe we add a feature to the site where people can register as alpha testers, then they get a list with the latest changes and a drop down with “red/yellow/red” and a text field on some page. Each time a commit is made the dropdown is reset… Or we just add a new forum “Nightly Tester”…