Building demo

Hi guys,

I'd like to make a video of game I've developed with JME (it's a racing game)

I've tried Camstudio, but the result is horrible compared to real game

Do you know any other software useful for me?



I've tried a few and haven't found one that works (without destroying my frame rate): I ended up using Camstudio (I think) but recording it full screen (which wouldn't affect my game's frame rate for some weird reason) and then cropping the video using some other software … sorry I can't be more helpful but I'm away from my home PC.

I've found the best program: Fraps

The result is quite good:

Fraps is usually regarded as one of the better game recording apps. I personally use it. However, be aware that it's not totally free. There is a free version, but it has a watermark (and I think can't record full screen, forget the limitations on it). Good news is its relatively cheap.

Just get a trial for one of the commercial ones. Camtasia comes recommended. Chances are you’ll only be making the one video within a 1 year timespace (additional buzz could be covered with heaps of images and whatnots to keep visual goodies flowing).

Or you could've gotten yourself a copy when they were giving the last version away for free :stuck_out_tongue: