Building Demos

Hello all,

First post here. I'm a digital artist and have been working with Java and the Processing for years. I'm trying to make a full transition to Eclipse. full Java and use of other libraries such as jME.

I've followed the tutorial for downloading and building jME and JME Physics from the SVN and have it all working, though there are an awful lot of warnings in the problems tab.

Building the demos, though, turned difficult as I'm not yet quite sure of the mechanics of Eclipse as IDE. I've downloaded the sources from the SVN, have them in the Package Explorer, but when I go for the properties to add jME Required libs, there is no Java Build Path submenu. I can't figure out how to neither build nor run any of the demos. Also, I've searched for a guide on this without luck. Any advice would me much appreciated. (And a guess a small page amongst the other tutorials would be handy.)

Cheers otherwise for what seems to be a very capable 3d engine!

Yours all


After you set up jme in eclipse, you are able to run the demos already, it builds everything automatically. (if Project->Build Automatically is checked of course)

The warnings you see are no problem, just error would be a bad sign :slight_smile:

Near the end of the video tutorial a test is run.

Cheers Core-Dump. Sorry, I meant the jME-Demos in general and Physics Fun in particular. My mistake.

maybe you checked out all projects instead of just one specific.

If you use as the svn address, you can check it out as a eclipse project.

All you need to do then, is add the jme2 and jme physics 2 project as required projects.

That should do it.

Btw there are not 'official demos' or something, just a few example projects.