Building JME3 from SVN in Netbeans 6.8

I post a slightly modified version of the instructions to run JME3 in netbeans 6.8 found at

1 ) Go to Team -> Subversion -> Checkout

2 ) Enter for Repository URL, leave username and password blank.

3 ) Click Next

4 ) Click Browse… to the right of "Repository Folder(s).

5 ) In the new window, open branches tree, and select mf_jme3test

6 ) Under Local Folder specify the folder where you want the jME3 project.

7 ) Click Finish

8 ) Open project when it finished transferring.

9 ) Go to

10) Download the lzma SDK, extract it in [any]zma907

11) In netbeans, file -> new project -> java project with existing sources, click next

12) Project name "SevenZip" -> next

13) Source Package Folders: -> add folder, select [any]zma907java

14) In netbeans, Projects Tab, right click on the jme3 project, press "resolve reference problems" and use the "SevenZip" of step 12 project as the missing reference.

15) Clean and build the JME3 project

16) Browse to the src/g3dtest folder and run

This worked for me.

thanks a lot man! added it right away, so if anyone notices any problems please report asap.

SevenZip should already be included in the lib folder… I guess the netbeans config is incorrect.