Building jMP from source question

Which netbeans platform is this built against? I am having reference problems with nb 6.9. I have checked out the latest jme3 and jme3-gde branches from the svn at google and there seems to be weird reference problems where certain classes from some packages can’t be found. After checking that they exist and making sure that each project → properties → libraries tab does not have broken references to certain jme3 jars, but, still problems. So, my question is has anyone successfully built the platform on nb 6.9? I don’t want the full platform (branding, etc…) just the clusters so as to add them to my existing nb ide.

I guess you have some plugins installed in NetBeans that are not part of the standard distro and these plugins will be enabled but some dependencies might be disabled in jMP. You can safely ignore those errors, it should only affect the “extra plugins”.