Building phr00t's jME - build.xml missing

Hey guys,

I’m trying to build jME (on Ubuntu) from phr00t’s repository and I can’t ant build the SDK once the build.xml file is missing from the ‘jmonkeyengine/sdk’ directory…

without knowing anything is there a gradle file? if so it uses gradle as build system.

There is no gradle file. Just the wrapper (gradlew) and a folder with its configurations.

I was following some steps that said that I should run the gradlew and, after that, ant build-zip-for-installer on the sdk folder.
Ran the ./gradlew build, build finished successfully, but couldn’t build with ant because there was no build.xml file.

Any ideas?

No idea what phroot changed in his version, sorry :slight_smile:

OK, then.
Thank you.

Perhaps you can give me a light, @phr00t.

I built with the line:

./gradlew clean build dist createZipDistribution

That made everything I needed…