Building Pieces asset pack

Hello Monkeys, I’m trying to get these Objects into an asset pack. These are some misc objects I 've worked on over the weekend. Hopefully I 'll get the asset pack uploaded by tomorrow.

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The “warning post” looks great. I like the touch on the slightly bumped board to the left there, if I’m seeing this right.

The separator to the right also looks good, though the texture is a lot dirtier and multifaceted (especially the red) compared to most other concrete separators I’ve laid eyes on, which led me to expect more “bulkyness” for some reason.

The bricks on the other hand look a little bland to be honest. A slightly improved texture might do the trick.

erlend_sh said:
The "warning post" looks great. I like the touch on the slightly bumped board to the left there, if I'm seeing this right.

Yeah, I dented it to put a little more detail into it. :)

I have never exported an asset pack from jMP before. How should I go about it when I would like to include the models, the material file, and the textures? The objects all share the 512x512 textures, and one common material.

I did read through the asset packs article earlier, what I mean though, is should I make a new project and setup the objects, material and textures in 1 dir before setting up the export paths in an asset pack? So the linking is correct for the material file? currently I have them setup in a simple projects, where the file each are in the proper dir structure. Hope this make a bit more sense.

Yes, if you want to distribute as j3o you have to convert the model in the correct folder in the first place, so doing as you said would be best. You can also use ogrexml files in combination with a j3m file, which reduces size a bit and allows using extended material settings with jME

Here is an attempt of exporting the created assets, If someone can check the zip and let me know if it’s proper to upload via jMP

Download zip here.