Bullet 2.82 Featherstone & MCLP solvers


Since native bullet is now working and awesome, is it possible to use the different solver algorithms (Featherstone and MCLP) included in the 2.82 Bullet SDK release?

The reason that I ask is that I am using Jme3 for robotics simulation software and the regular bullet solver struggles with articulated chains.

Looking into the JME api I can’t see anything to change solver algorithm, am I missing something obvious or is there a lot of work involved in exposing the new parts of Bullet 2.82?


Jep jme is not using the actual version of bullet, @normen any detail information on this?
If you feel ready you could ask/offer to do all necessary work for updating to the newest version.

Hey @normen,
Any thoughts on this?

Changing of new / other solvers will only be implemented when the new physics space configuration is in place.

Thanks for your response.

Is that slated for 3.1?