Bullet in the Android Emulator?

Yesterday I tried running my game on the Android emulator on an AVD using the x86 Atom System Image provided by Intel - and it works pretty well! Actually, the performance is better than on my (old and cheap) real phone.
I’m wondering whether there is an easy way to get Bullet working on the Emulator? Currently, the game can’t find the native methods, which is because the .apk is build with a binary for ARM - correct? Can I somehow build the .apk with the binaries that jME uses on PC (and would that even work)?
Alternatively, how can I use jBullet for the .apk?

Hm basically a x86 linux build could work, not sure if it uses other dependencies that are not present on android.

mobile-impl.xml in \nbproject deletes the x86 library by default. Find the following target in that file and remove the line that deletes the x86 directory if you want to use the x86 library. Another alternative is to override the target in build.xml so any updates to mobile-impl.xml don’t remove your modification in the future.


Replacing bullet library with android native version.


[edit] I’ve never tried to do this, so I’m not sure if that will make it work in the emulator.


That works perfectly! Thanks!