Bullet trace rotation

I am very close to making it work. Currently my traces shoot out fine even when I rotate my ship. But the shots emerge from under the ship (local origo). I want to make it emerge from a point on the ship. How do I do this, my current code looks like this.

                Projectile pr = weapon._ammunition.getAProjectile(weapon._spaceShip.getPosrot().get_dof());

I suppose I have to translate the Projectile, but multiplied with the rotation?[/code]

sorry to bother you :smiley:

              Projectile pr = weapon._ammunition.getAProjectile(weapon._spaceShip.getPosrot().get_dof());
                Matrix3f rotMatrix = weapon._spaceShip.getPosrot().getNewRotationFromAxes();

Good, I was just about to sit down and work out the math. The prospect made my second head hurt. You’re a man who knows where his towel’s at… sorry, listening to the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio drama. :stuck_out_tongue: