Bump mapping on trimeshes (Newbie question)

well I imported the code lines from TestBumpMapping and applied it to a trimesh and It seems to only

show me the normal map in grey scale or something …

I couldn't use the copyTextureCoords(0, 0, 1) & scaleTextureCoordinates(0, 8).

After reading ( again  ) the wiki about texture mapping, I don't find (the) solution … could you help me ?

Thanks !

Why can't you use the copyTextureCoords?

It's ok now !!!! Thanks !

((TriMesh)Circuit.getChild(0)).copyTextureCoords(0, 0, 1);
((TriMesh)Circuit.getChild(0)).getBatch(0).scaleTextureCoordinates(0, 8);
((TriMesh)Circuit.getChild(0)).getBatch(0).scaleTextureCoordinates(1, 8);

I didn't even knew TextureCoordinates ...  :-o

and I'll post screenshots and videos of my game in progress ( a crazy car racing) in two or three weeks  :)

oops… two or three weeks I said ?  :-o

I  should think and wait a bit before writing things like this …