Bumpy behavior with CharacterControl

I’m currently trying to create my first basic 3D game where I can manage a Model (in this particular example the beloved Sinbad) around. So I set up the physicspace and add a basic Box floor to it, whereas the Character (CharacterControl) is a CapsuleCollisionShape fitting the size of the scaled model. It works out just fine, however when Sinbad moves around, he bumps up and down, in and out of the floor. I tried playing around with the modelsize and the floor size (as I read they can’t differ too much in scale). Didn’t solve it. Then I’ve been messing around with the stepsize and the physic parameters. I’ve yet not managed to fix the issue though, however I figured that he was acturally put down into the floor, and if the stepsize was too small he couldn’t jump up from the floor. I’ve ensured that the walkDirection’s Y coordinate never changed from 0. Am I overlooking something?

I’ve searched arond the Forum and found others having the exact same problem, but I’ve not managed to solve it in my specific case. The only solution that acturally made Sinbad move smoothly around (as wanted) was making a SphereCollisionShape instead of the Capsule, however the Circle is way too wide for Sinbad. Paradon me if I have missed something.

Hope someone can help me out!

Thanks in advance,

Found out you guys on the jMonkey team already were looking into this with the new BetterCharacterControl. This solved it, and everything runs smoothly now! Thanks alot kind sir, Normen! (: