Burning flames (no particles) anybody?

Hi all,

has anybody done some professionaly looking animated flames for torches, or fireplaces already within jme? I’m looking for fires based on sprite animation or shader based fire which look somewhat realistic.

A flame displayed with some flickers. smaller for flames on torches, bigger for camp fires and an animated pointlight as a source which would by in sync with the flickering of the flame image.

anyone to share his fire ?

Actually there might be an easy way, using a texture3D.

We have an example of texture 3D and the texture happen to be an animated flame :smiley:

See TestTexture3D

the example just display the texture like thumbnails, but you could just animate them over time.

The nice thing is that you won’t have the flickering effect because there is an interpolation done between the different pictures.

So basically you’d have a 3 elements texture coordinates : x,y for classic tex coord and z that would vary over time.

I guess it’ll have to be tweaked but that’s a lead i would follow.

thank you for the hint, I’ll have a look at it.

You don’t even need 3D textures. This can be done with just regular particlememitters by using the setImagesX and setImagesY methods