Buying a new phone

I’m going to be buy a new phone with a new subscription in half july. I was wondering was I can expect from each phone.

For example should I go for a phone with 512 MB RAM or with 1 GB RAM ?

On Windows 7 64 bit my game consumes 310-330 MB RAM. Is this what I can expect when I run it on a phone too ?

Thanks in advance.

I would get the phone with the highest specs you can find… Especially if you aren’t eligible for upgrades and are using the same phone for the next 20-24 months.

I’ve had an HTC Evo with 512MB since the middle of 2010 and have been being constrained more by the CPU than memory lately. I’ve usually got GMail, Twitter, Facebook, and a couple of news apps open, leaving me with ~125MB of free memory.

With regards to the memory usage on desktop vs phone, it should be pretty similar. The backing data structures don’t change, just the lower-level hardware interfacing.

the samsung S3 is to be released soon (dont know how much you wanna spend), but everyone i talk to likes their S2. I have a HTC sensation, i like it but have had numerous software problems with it, plays jME games good tho :slight_smile:

If it were me, I would get an HTC One S. Seriously sexy phone! Plus it has the new QualComm CPU, extremely fast.

Also don’t expect an application designed for desktop to run flawlessly on android without any work.

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Thanks for all your answers.

I think I go for the HTC One S or the Samsung Galaxy S Advance. Both devices are not out yet, so I have to see which one it’s going to be.

I was also thinking about the iPhone 4s and supporting iOS in jME ( ).

Does anybody know if Apple is very strict with accepting hobby games in the App Store ?

stick to android :slight_smile: do not help support the devil

@nehon said:
Also don't expect an application designed for desktop to run flawlessly on android without any work.

Yeah, don't expect that at all. Just take a look at Dungeon Defenders, they developed an Android and iOS version, but both of them are way ligther than the PC version, at least half of the polygons were removed.

If you’re a hacker like me I can’t recommend the Optimus 2x highly enough… it was one of the first dual core phones to come out, it’s over a year old and so you can pick it up refurbished or second hand for maybe 1/3 of the cost of a new contract and it’s highly overclockable… with a custom ROM you can run Android 4 with a safe and stable overclock of at least 1.4ghz, perhaps higher.

It also has NVidia Tegra 2 graphics, meaning it can run JME3 with better OpenGL support than my crappy Intel HD laptop :slight_smile:

If you have money to burn then my current top pick would be the HTC One X, with its 1.5ghz quadcore CPU and Tegra 3 graphics… but it’s only 20% faster and it’s 400% as expensive…