I can't run JME on a 64 bit computer. Which means I can't use JME. I must go then. Good luck with the project. I will be back another day, but not today. I will have to go through the pain of Irrlicht again. PM me if it ever works on 64-Bit. By the way, the tutorials work fine, just have to download the SVN client from the website it tells you when you try to use it. I just upgraded my computer, and didn't expect this.

Ok. I am downloading Linux and using VirtualPC to run it. It should be working soon. In addition to being able to running JME, MonkeyWorld3D should work too.

What does that have to do with ANYTHING discussed here???

It's java, so all you need is 64 bit versions of the libraries if you use the 64 bit VM… either these exist already or you can compile them yourself.

Of course you can always run the 32 bit VM on your 64 bit OS (linux, windows and OSX all support this). This requires nothing else of you.

Works fine for me on Vista 64.

So I guess we should hold a "Welcome back"-party now?  XD

Also, the OpenAL library is not available in 64 bits natively on LWJGL, I have tried a couple of times to convince the folks at LWJGL to include a (and equivalent for other OSs) without much luck. I agree sometimes 64-bits are a bit of a pain, but there is nothing in jME preventing you to use them.


but really, is it possible to compile lwjgl for vista 64 bit?

Can't you use JOGL?  Just pull down the 64 bit version.  eg:

I've gotten it to work on Vista 64-bit with 64-bit DLLs before.  I think they were on LWJGL's forums that they were attached.

Perhaps you should have looked a little more before deciding to abandon us.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps we should include 64 bit natives in the SVN like we do many 32 bit ones? The 64 bit issue has popped up several times and the frequency will only increase…

Ok, no problem. Now I am very sure JME is the best. I looked at about every other engine on the net. None of them match up.

What version of LWJGL does JME use?

r3879  by renanse on Jun 17, 2008  Diff
Repackaged libs by project.  Upgraded to
lwjgl 2.0rc1

What? Will it work if I update the SVN now?

It will work if you use a 32 bit VM, which is supported on Windows, Linux and OSX

llama said:

It will work if you use a 32 bit VM, which is supported on Windows, Linux and OSX

You told my to get a VM. That's what virtual pc does, virtal machines. I am going to run 32 bit Linux on it and be able to use jME.

You're using Java.

Download a Java VM please,


Oh sweet. But I still can't run MonkeyWorld3d.