Caching images loaded with TextureLoader for multiple runs?

Hi, I remember that when I used Xith3D its TextureLoader had a very useful feature that would allow you to cache images loaded during the game for later use (as in, next time you play the game). I guess it would basically uncompress the images into some raw format (like converting mp3’s to WAVs or AIFF). This would dramatically increase the launch speed of the application on subsequent runs. It was, of course, and optional feature that let you set a folder to hold the cached images. It would be awesome if jME had this.

I’d find a similiar feature for LOD’ed Terrain Pages very useful as the creation time for those can be very large.

So caching the lod descriptions would be great here.

(or maybe making them serializable?)

I think terrains can be cached to jME format (not sure)

i remember you said that the clod records can now be saved in the .jme format…can’t find the post tho :frowning: