Cagliari TrueSpace 7.6 for free

Hello folks

This blog entry might be interesting to some of You

Seems very interesting - has anyone of you been using it… can anyone comment more on the features and usefulness? The first glance at the website the application showed great potential for use but comments from people who are more familiar with the topic would be very welcome…

sorry not yet, i just downloaded an installed it right now

Seems to be a good choice to download all 3 packages - app, manual and video-tut pack which is a 300 MB download but the manual seems very useful at first glance and has direct references into the video tut pack.

The other thing i noticed is collada export, which however has to prove useful for jme yet.

I haven't used truespace in years… it's the first 3d modeller I started with.  It was very nice back in 98/99/00.  I believe I was using 3 if I'm not mistaken.  But that was before I thought about using the models for exports in anything.  Curious to see how this works out