Cal3d Loader and Animation Controller

I’ve written a cal3d loader for JME based on fuze3d java port of cal3d!

check out a planeshift cal3d model being rendered in jme:

Very nice !

Can these models be animated ? Or is cal3D just a static object format ?


Cal3d also contains animation info and supports animation blending!

When i tune the code a little bit i will provide a sample!

Cool, looks good - sounds similar to what I’ve been working on, except using an existing library :slight_smile:

Does Fuze3d/Cal3d already support jME? Or did you write the render layer yourself?

i wrote the rendering layer. Cal3d is a library that only defines the format and the animation cycles. check out

Animation blending would be awesome !

My animation stuff already does animation blending :slight_smile: But I haven’t written the documentation for it yet…

check out a sample cal3d animation browser

Wow. Are you already using the JMECanvas or is this a mockup? :slight_smile:

Yes it is JME canvas and it goes pretty good

Simply impressive…

After wrangling with a zillion different exporters for 3D Studio, the one we finally got working was Cal3D’s. So I’d be super interested in collaborating with you on your importer if you’re planning on releasing the code.