Calculate character WalkDirection from another vector

Hey guys, i’m currently struggling with making my character move towards a clicked location on the terrain

I managed to get the vector3 position on the terrain when I click my mouse on it
I also managed to make my character walk in specific directions using CharacterControl

But now I am struggling with the math part on how to calculate the vector3 walking direction using curent character position and the position on the terrain

Can anyone sugest me on how to do this and/or give me some clues where I should start reading about vector3 mathematics to prevent such questions in the future?



But basically:
Vector3f dir = clickPosition.subtract(characterPosition).normalizeLocal();

The math only gets harder from here so you should memorize the help docs like math for dummies and the other ones that popup with the little help icon above the reply window.

Thanks, that’s where I’m heading right now, need to refresh all my mathematic skills before I venture any further into this project